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Product Description

Product description

TRIVANT is a yeast-based postbiotic made of an innovative combination of three yeast strains proven to support gut health and the immune system of companion animals.

What it delivers

Depending on the strain and production process used, different yeasts can have varying effectiveness.

Optimizing animal health is what fuels our passion at Lallemand. So, we went to work to create the most effective postbiotic for companion animal foods, treats, and supplements.

Using cutting-edge technology, TRIVANT is the only postbiotic of its kind with a process-stable synergistic alliance of three yeast strains.

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Why it matters

TRIVANT contains a proprietary combination of yeast strains that support the immune system.

Formulated for success

TRIVANT is best included in all life stages and specific-need based foods, treats and supplements of dogs, cats, and horses.

TRIVANT is compatible with most pet and horse food ingredients and is stable in all food types: dry, wet, and treats.

TRIVANT is OMRI-listed and able to be used in organic product formulations.

TRIVANT is available in 25 kg bags and 800 kg bulk tote bags.

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Lallemand develops, produces and markets high-value yeast and bacteria products including probiotics, silage inoculants and yeast derivatives. These innovative solutions positively benefit animal nutrition and well-being, forage management and the animal environment. Using sound science, proven results and knowledge from experience, Lallemand applies the right strains for the right applications to have the greatest impact for our customers.

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