Immune Support

The gut microbiota plays a fundamental role in the development, maturation and activity of the immune system.

The immune system, like a shield, works by providing an exclusion barrier:

  • by identifying and eliminating pathogens
  • by identifying and tolerating non-threatening sources of antigens
  • by maintaining a memory of immunological encounters

Several infectious diseases can affect dogs and cats throughout their life, but also some life stages can be challenging as they are characterized by a lower-performing immune system (e.g. immaturity during the first weeks of life, immunosenescence with aging). To support the immune response and supporting natural defenses, LALPROBIOME offers several microbial solutions with well-recognized and specific immunomodulatory properties, through various modes of action, such as:

  • adhesion capacity
  • competition with pathogens
  • cross-talk with host cells
  • activation of immune response

LALPROBIOME is lallemand Animal Nutrition platform of innovative microbial solutions tailored for companion animals

Lallemand develops, produces and markets high-value yeast and bacteria products including probiotics, silage inoculants and yeast derivatives. These innovative solutions positively benefit animal nutrition and well-being, forage management and the animal environment. Using sound science, proven results and knowledge from experience, Lallemand applies the right strains for the right applications to have the greatest impact for our customers.

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