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Nutritive antioxidants: support for your companion animals health and well-being webinar

Nutritive antioxidants: support for your companion animals health and well-being webinar

Speaker: Michael I. Lindinger (PhD)


The presentation will introduce nutraceutical approaches that are aimed at dealing with the oxidative stress and inflammation that accompanies physiological stress, with an emphasis on normal exercise and normal aging. It is recognized that stress is normal and unavoidable and indeed a requirement for cellular, tissue, organ, and organism adaptation. But excess acute stress, as well as chronic stress, may impose severe demands and is an important contributor to unwellness and poor performance. We will describe relationships between exercise/aging and the oxidative stress process, production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), also termed oxygen free radicals, and the effects of excess ROS production of cell integrity, inflammation, and pain. After examining the oxidative stress – inflammation pathways, we will introduce the main types of nutritive antioxidants. This will be followed by a discussion of how nutritive antioxidants interact in the pathways and can be used to prevent or minimize excess stress and thus support performance and wellness.

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Published Mar 28, 2021 | Updated Feb 20, 2024


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