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PetXpert Masterclass

Title: Antioxidant pyramid and oxidative stress: to each player its role!

Speaker: Francesca Susca and Monika Leukert, Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Duration: 2 hours


Session 1:  Oxidative stress concerns humans and pets alike. It can occur from physiological stressful situations, such as growth and intense physical activity. It is also involved in the aging process and linked to the pathogenesis and development of many diseases. In this first session video, Dr. Francesca Susca (DVM, PhD., Pet Development Manager) focused on the complex phenomenon of oxidative stress, and introduced the antioxidant pyramid. This will be followed by explaining the role of primary and secondary antioxidants. At the end, audience would know when it comes to dietary supplementation, the optimal antioxidant strategy should combine primary and secondary antioxidant molecules to target several steps in the oxidative pathway and to obtain a synergistic effect.

Session 2:  Among antioxidant molecules, selenium plays a crucial role in the maintenance of pets’ health and wellbeing. A wide offer of selenium, from different sources, can be found on the market, making it difficult to decide which solution is optimal for pet food supplementation. During this second session video, Monika Leukert (Antioxidants, and Yeast Derivatives Product Manager) described the crucial role of selenium and then compared the different forms of selenium available on the market. She also introduced the difference between organic and inorganic selenium. This followed by presenting how to select the optimal source of selenium. A good selenium-enriched yeast should be a light brown powder; should not contain residues of inorganic selenium, and the quality of each produced batch should be proven with a certificate of analysis.

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Published Sep 13, 2020 | Updated Feb 20, 2024


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