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Product Description

Product description

FERMAID EASE is a proprietary bacteria postbiotic fed horses to support digestive health and comfort.
This formula of pasteurized non-GMO soybean meal is fermented with a specific lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus delbrueckii lactis Rosell-187.

What it delivers

FERMAID EASE is a horse feed additive that has scientific evidence that supports inclusion in horse foods, supplements and treats.
Lallemand has over a century’s worth of knowledge and expertise in microbial fermentation and is a leading global producer of postbiotics. Utilizing the know-how and turning science into best practices, Lallemand’s microbial solutions have been shown to support horse health, digestive care, microbiota balance and well-being.

Why it matters

There are multiple ways to support normal horse digestion:
• Deliver a balanced diet in several small meals throughout the day
• Maintain ideal body condition, allowing for adequate exercise
• Maintain usual routine and equipment, especially during training, transportation and competition
• Include supplements and other feed additives that support gastric health and minimize discomfort

Formulated for success

FERMAID EASE is best included in all life stages and specific need-based supplements horses.
FERMAID EASE is compatible with most ingredients used in foods and is stable in treats and supplements.
FERMAID EASE is available in a 1 kg package.

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